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Fays Ticon
Industrial Pipe Manufacturing Automation
This is a package software that is developed to be suitable with industrial pipe production industry and it aims to ensure the monitoring of production and spool.
It is a first in its sector. It also comes with multi-language support.
- MIR No,
- Isometric No,
- Spool No,
- Heat Number,
- Location,
- Assembly Location
It provides Spool Code based Tracing, Inspection and reporting for Project Code, Personnel Tracking and other stages.
It allows the tracking of important details for the production stages of large pipes used in industrial oil pipelines and infrastructure pipelines, which are Sandblasting, Painting, Production, Laydown transfers, shipments to the assembly field and assembly field operations. With the MIR Planning module, it retracts and integrates information which are received in the Excel format. It automatically creates Material Cards based on diameter and classification information and produces internal tracking barcodes. By sorting based on diameter and pipe type, it automatically produces "Spool Production Entry" notes. With these notes, important information such as Shelf location, Heat Number, Serial/Lot Number, Date of Production and Date of Assembly are designated collectively. Work orders that will be designated as tasks to the handheld terminals on the field for the entry-exit movements related to Laydown are also created collectively. Within this framework, all Lay Down operations are carried out by scanning spool barcodes, which ensures work order controlled, easy and quick execution. With the advanced online employee reporting screens, all spool movements, MIR Number, Isometric Number, SPOOL Number, Heat Number, Location, Assembly Location, Serial Number, Project Code, Personnel Tracking and stages can be monitored instantenously using the Spool Code. The system also provides inspection through comparison reports.
Stock Cards,
Storage Cards,
Customer and Vendor Cards,
Shelf Cards (Layout),
Entry-Exit Bills,
Entry from Production Notes,
Inventory Bills,
Wastage and Expenditure Notes,
Storage Transfer Notes,
Inventory Suprlus and Deficiency Bills,
Production of Unique Spool Barcodes,
Production of Standard Barcodes,
Weight List,
Shelf Location Tracking,
Shelf Life Tracking,
Production and Expiry Date Tracking,
Shelf Location Tracking,
Shipping Product Collection- Automatic Product Shelf Collection Planning, (Optimization, Route)
Shipping Job Order Planning Module,
Product Collection Basedon Transfer Work Order,
Multi-Language Support,
MIR Planning Module (Excel Integrated),
Fays Mobile Handheld Terminal Module (Online),
Barcode Tag Design and Printing Module,
Report Design Module,
Design of your Reports/Tags,
Excel Integration (You can send Stock Status, Storage Entry, Strorage Shipping, etc. lists to excel to create your own filters),
General Reports,
User Authorization ,
Arranging User Interface to fit user preferences.
Preliminary Analysis,
Method and Setup Training,
Program Installations,
Tag Designs,
Layout Plan and Shelf Tag Production,
Program Training,
Process of Tagging Products with Tags,
General Inventory,
Commencement of Shipping process,
Controls and delivery.
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