Anlaş Otomasyon
Small Scale Storages
It controls your storage processes, provides traceability and ensures accurate and reliable inventory tracking.

It creates customer satisfaction with controlled and error-free shipments. It is an entry-level software that is the in its class. With its integration module, it can work in integration with software such as SAP Ecc, Oracle, Epicor, Logo, Netsis, Mikro and Eta.

Do you want to transition into a barcode system? Are you looking for an affordable and economical software? Then your solution is Fays Concept! It is a program that is easy to install and use, which will be easily understood, and preferred, by storage workers.
Stock Cards,
Current Card Specification Module (Clients, Vendors) Storage/Warehouse Descriptions,
Raw Materials Storage Business,
Semi-finished Goods Warehouse,
Goods Warehouse,
Branch Warehouse,
Outsourced Warehouse,
Stock Bills,
Entry from production Bills,
Wastage Bills,
Expense Billss,
Inventory Suprlus and Deficiency Bills,
Consignment Entry-Exit Bills,
Consignment Entry-Exit Return Bills,
Delivery Note Module (Purchase/Sale Notes),
Purchase Delivery Note,
Sales Delivery Note,
Purchase Return and Sales Return Receipts,
Warehouse Transfers,
Warehouse Transfer Note,
Shelf transfer Note,
Serial/Lot/Batch Tracking,
Tracking based on Quantity and Circulating Amounts (Sacks, Palettes, Parcels)
Weight List,
Shelf Location Tracking,
Production and Expiry Date Tracking,
Critical Stock Level Control,
Negative Stock Level Control,
Production of Serial Barcodes Congruent to Standard Barcodes,
Inventory Taking with Handheld Terminals, Shipping Tracking for Entries-Exits
Barcode Tag Design and Printing Module,
Report Design Module, Design of your Reports/Tags,
Excel Online Integration- Dynamic Reporting (Stock Status Lists, Storage Entry, Strorage Shipping),
Standard Reports,
User Authorization,
Arranging User Interface to fit user preferences ,
Preliminary Analysis,
Program Setups,
Program Training,
Tag Design,
Barkod Tagging, Tests,
Inventory Taking and Delivery.
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