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FaysPro WMS
Large Scale Storages
With the Unique Serial Barcode (Smart Barcode) system, it allows you to monitor every detail of your storage processes. It optimizes and it allows accurate and reliable inventory tracking.

It creates customer satisfaction with controlled and error-free shipments. It is an advanced and professional storage automation system. With its integration module, it can work in integration with software such as SAP Ecc, Oracle, Epicor, Logo, Netsis, Mikro and Eta.

Professional Storage Automation process is a layer of system standards. Stock Tracking Program and Storage Automation are very different concepts. With a Storage Inventory Tracking System, you can take Stocks, Transfer Between Storages, carry out storage entrance and exit processes based on Production, and Purchase orders and track units based on serial lots, expiry dates, FIFO and static locations.

Storage Automation, in addition to everything provided by the stock tracking system, makes concepts such as Layout, Dynamic Shelf Slot Tracking, Shelf Capacity, Optimization, Route, Picking, Order and Shipping Planning, Final Control, Weight Lists, Material Handling, Packaging, Tagging, Emptying, Creating Mixed Parcels and Loading a part of the process. Fays Pro WMS itself is a "storage/warehouse management system" software, which was developed for these concepts which require professional expertise.

The world is rapidly developing and changing. These changes also affect technologies and IT processes. In storage applications, old management and administrating system models that use older technologies are starting to give way for new ones that employ advanced technologies and innovations. The barcode architecture has also started to give way to the RFID technology. However, because of the high costs of RFID tags, barcodes are still seeing usage all over the world. Frame code and later developments showed to us that barcodes are going to see continual usage over many sectors for a long time. Especially in Storage Automation and production management systems; standard barcode (EAN and others) is insufficient for process tracking and ease of processes in the context of stock programs. For example, regardless of its supplier, the producing shift or the Lot and Party that it was entered to the storage under, all products of the same kind will receive the same barcode number. The same is also true for shipped products. Determining of which client has received products from which lot or party is not an easy task. For Production Tracking Systems, this data is extremely important. With Fays WMS, we bring to our clients advanced technology and innovation. In all processes that make use of barcodes, the structure that we call "Serial Barcode" includes new capabilities that the standard barcode is incapable of and in inventory operations, it provides the user with ease of processing, traceability and many other advantages. The clients who use Fays WMS take advantage of "Serial Barcode" capabilities in addition to standard barcode capabilities.
Stock Cards,
Storage Cards,
Customer and Vendor Cards,
Shelf Cards (Layout),
Entry-Exit Bills,
Entry from production Notes, Inventory bills,
Wastage and Expense Notes, Storage Transfer Bills,
Purchase Return and Sales Return Receipts,
Inventory Suprlus and Deficiency Bills,
Consignment Entry-Exit Bills,
Consignment Entry-Exit Return Bills,
Serial/Lot/Batch Tracking,
Standard Barcode Generation,
Serial Barcode ( Serial Barcode) Generation,
Weight List,
Shelf Location Tracking,
Shelf Life Tracking,
Production and Expiry Date Tracker,
Warranty Tracking,
Shelf Transfers,
Shelf Capacity Tracker,
Tag Transfer,
Shelf Location Check Status,
Shipping Product Collection- Automatic Product Shelf Collection Planning, (Optimization, Route)
Shipping Order Planning Module,
Shipping Last Control (Picking Control),
Transfer Product Collection, Transfer Final Check ,
Weighbridge Module,
Shipping-Logistics Module,
Production Field Tracking Module,
Quality Control Labelling Module,
Packaging Module,
Quick Production Module,
Voice Picking Module,
Multi Language Support,
Manual or Terminal Inventory Module,
Barcode Tag Design and Printing Module,
Report Design Module,
Tag and Report Design,
Excel Integration (You can sendStock Status List, Storage Entry, Strorage Shipping, etc. lists to excel to create your own filters),
Reports,User Authorization,
Arranging User Interface to fit user preferences.
Preliminary Analysis,
Method and Setup,
Program Installations,
Tag Designs,
Layout Plan and Shelf Tag Production,
Program Training,
Process of Tagging Products with Barcodes,
General Inventory,
Verifying the Shipping Process,
Control and Delivery.
The serial barcode printed on a Parcel or a Palette tracks the quantity. When the palette or the parcel is opened, it tracks the number of products in left in the unit and in the parcel itself. Reprinting the tag is not necessary. In conjunction with quantity information, dynamic shelf location allows you to make shipments or expenditures by tracking many parameters such as Production Date, Expiry Date, Warranty Date, Quality Control, Processing Location, color, type, type, manufacturer code. It contains information about Production, Supplier, Customer, Party and Shifts. It carries out Stock classifications, which can be edited with information such as party, serial and lot numbers. It provides traceability and control. It allows the tracking of gross, tare and net information coming from the weightbridges located at the entrances from production. In the Storage, it allows Shelf Transfers and Tag Transfers.
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