DepoBar The Economical Solution

This was produced with Logo Software products, Go3, Go Plus, Tiger3 Tiger Plus and Tiger Enterprise, in mind. It is a ready-made package solution that works on the basis of Logo software. It is not a separate package program. It directly uses the Logo database. It provides Instant access to all Logo information. It is a "Handheld Terminal" module that you can track your stocks with using Standard and Unit Barcodes. It is a practical, easy-to-use, affordable and economical software. It will be easily understood, and preferred, by storage workers. It is very easy to install and use.

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Depobar Stock Tracking System controls your stocks using barcode or RFID technologies. It facilitates entries and exits in the storage process by carrying out location based, quick and error free shipping and acceptance procedures. With its traceability features, it ensures accurate and reliable inventory tracking. It is very practical and easy for storage personnel to use. It ensures customer satisfaction through controlled and accurate shipments. It is compatible with all Windows or Android based handheld terminals (Rdp) on the market. For SMEs, it is the best-in-class software. It is affordable and economical.
Advanced Inventory Taking and Inventory Archival, Inventory Surplus - Deficiency and Transfer Notes,
Transfer Between Storages,
All Stock Entries, (Supplier, Credit, Consignment, Manufacturing),
All Stock Exits, (Customer, Credit, Consignment, Fire, Ordering Supplies),
Order Work Order Controlled Stock Entries,
Order Work Order Controlled Stock Outs,
Price and Current Account Balance Information,
Serial-Lot-Location Tracker,
Sorting between standard product barcode system and quantified unit barcodes,
Material Class and Variant Tracker,
Mobile Field Order Collection,
Mobile Field Sales.
User based parametric authroization settings on the side of the backoffice,
Online communication through the wireless network 100% compatibility with Go3, Go Plus, Jophy, Tiger Plus and Tiger Enterprise.
Program Setups,
Program Training,
Inventory Taking,


It doesn't create difficulties for the user and it is uncomplicated,

easy, quick and controllable;

warehouse and production inventory tracking, we have designed useful systems. We targeted your hundred percent satisfaction