About Us

Founded in 1996, Anlaş Otomasyon provides its wealth of knowledge and experience to its customers through application based sectoral software solutions and systems consultancy.

Anlaş is a technologies company that produces corporate softwares that allow its clients to control all warehouse related processes and ready-for-usage storages for production. Anlaş is a company that specializes in Storage Management Systems.

Additionally, the company also provides academic consultancy services with the following training programs:

"Method and Setup" ,
"System Layers" ,
"Erp and Wms Integrations" ,
"Field Problems and Solution Methods For Wms",
"System Management Standards"

Our Vision

Providing services with the principle of 100% customer satisfaction,
To contribute to the formation of customer system standards while providing new generation technologies to its customers,
To facilitate business processes, To ensure that the system serves the customer.

Our Mission

To gain full benefit instead of partial benefit,
To design efficient and quality processes,
To contribute to the employment of our country,
To facilitate the business processes and to provide the systems that serve the customer,
To create a trained and fully equipped staff,
To lead the sector with our memberships to non-governmental organizations.


It doesn't create difficulties for the user and it is uncomplicated,

easy, quick and controllable;

warehouse and production inventory tracking, we have designed useful systems. We targeted your hundred percent satisfaction