FaysDets Fixture Tracking Method

New generation technologies in the tracking of fixtures, passive or active RFID tags and OCR technology. Track your fixtures with Fays Dets by using RFID or barcode technology.

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The most important point in the tracking of fixtures is coding the fixtures and transferring these codes to a computer software to allow tracking through suitable devices. Nowadays, the most common encoding method used in tracking of fixtures is the barcode method. Fixtures are encoded with printing or barcodes using barcode printers and long lasting tags. The most preferred tag in encoding is "SILVER MAT" tags, which are plastic based with adhesive qualities. Barcodes on fixtures are usually recorded on-site with portable devices that have barcode scanners, which are then transferred to the corresponding program.
● Barcode Printer
● Fixture Tags
● Handheld Terminal


It doesn't create difficulties for the user and it is uncomplicated,

easy, quick and controllable;

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